Weeden Prime provides institutional quality, fully customizable portfolio reports for its clients.

These reports can be queried intra-day or be automatically delivered at the beginning of each trading day. Portfolio reports include:

  • Attribution analysis
  • Realized and unrealized gains and losses
  • Current year and historical performances
  • Multi-asset class – choose from Fixed Income, Equities, Options, Futures, Currency Forwards and Currencies
  • Tax lot, Accrual based accounting we offer supplemental data feeds to track dividend accruals as well as calculate accrued income for fixed income instruments
  • Multi-currency track / view cost basis in any currency.
  • Multiple closing methods: choose from FIFO, LIFO, High Cost (Long / Short Term), Low Cost (Long / Short Term), Minimize Capital Gains, and Specific Lot closing methods
  • Daily custodial reconciliation of transactions and positions. Every portfolio is checked for accuracy every business day
  • T+1 and real time asset valuation
  • Supplemental market data feeds for benchmarks, pricing, dividend accruals and corporate actions
  • Individual account and consolidated level reporting