In today’s era of investor transparency, hedge fund managers of all sizes are increasingly being asked to manage their investor’s capital in Separately Managed Accounts.

These demands can be difficult for funds that lack the infrastructure to deal with the requirements that come with SMAs. This has been a particular focus at Weeden Prime as we have built our infrastructure and reporting around the managed account process. By automating the entire process, we minimize or eliminate the operational burdens associated with separately managed accounts. As more investors demand transparency through SMA investments, our tools allow our clients to manage their strategies across their SMAs in real-time.*

Our SMA technology has also been enjoyed by many allocators including Family Offices, RIAs, Fund of Funds and others who desire to allocate capital in a separately managed account structure.

*The speed and reliability of system response and account access times may be affected by factors such as trading volume, market conditions, system performance, or other factors.