Outsource Trading

Weeden Prime Services Outsource Trading desk functions as a global buyside trading desk. We offer an unparalleled combination of deep experience, conflict-free execution, and client focus that can be tailored for managers of any size or structure. Our expertise, approach to client service, and long-standing client and broker relationships translate to a single commodity: trust.

We exercise the same diligence and “high touch” for all clients, monitoring their portfolios to take advantage of market moves and information. Each client has full access to the entire team of senior traders and seasoned operational staff. The nucleus of Weeden’s Outsourced Trading is our extraordinary team of traders. Each is a skilled professional with extensive personal experience. Most importantly, we have worked together as a team providing outsourced trading since 1996. This level of shared experience can generate tangible and intangible benefits for our clients. Among them are quality execution, enhanced liquidity, and greater access to top-tier information flow and research. Our traders’ industry relationships are noted for their depth and longevity, and allow the team to offer unique insights into market or industry activities and valuable advice on trade-related and technical issues.

Weeden Prime serves exclusively as an agent of the client, and our business consists only of our core competency of trading. We do not trade on a proprietary basis. Our commission management solution does not compromise best execution. A fund’s primary cost of trading becomes the commissions they pay. Outsourcing allows the conversion of fixed costs and capital expenditures of an in-house desk to a variable cost based on trading activity.

By partnering with our clients, we allow portfolio managers to concentrate on their own core competencies: research, idea generation, and most importantly – performance.

Dave Staudinger

Mr. Staudinger began his career at Hoenig and Co. in 1986. He left Hoenig in 1995 to start Fano Securities. In 2003, Mr. Staudinger started PCS Dunbar Securities. PCS Dunbar was an executing broker providing soft dollar services and later prime brokerage services. He joined Weeden and Co. in 2013. Mr. Staudinger graduated from Amherst College in 1986 with a BA in English.